Our work, our craft, our specialty.

This is not a hobby and it’s not just a job. This is our work, our craft, our specialty. Here at Emerald Towing, we have the ability to tow over 75 tons, properly handle chemical spills and even transport aircraft. These capabilities are what make us one of the few firms qualified for such programs as South Florida’s Traffic Incident Management (TIM), Florida Turnpike’s Rapid Incident Scene Clearance (RISC) and Specialty Towing and Roadside Repair (STARR).

Heavy Duty Towing

At Emerald, we have invested in the equipment and operators to handle all of your medium and heavy duty towing and recovery needs. From 12-ton towing units up to our 70-ton capacity rotators, we have the ability to handle the towing needs of your fleet. Should any of your units ever become involved in an accident, request Emerald. We specialize in Incident Management with the equipment to handle the entire scene from start to finish. We will respond quickly, secure the scene, recover the unit, transfer cargo, and cleanup. We will document the entire process with photos and video for your insurance carrier.

Flat Bed Transportation

Should your needs require the flatbed transportation of an exotic automobile or the lowboy transportation of construction-related equipment, Emerald Towing is at your service. At Emerald, we have a large variety of flatbed-rollback trucks and lowboy trailers to meet all of your transportation needs, from 21’ car carriers to 53’ tilt deck 70-ton capacity lowboy trailers for heavy equipment/containers. We have the capabilities to transport your equipment to the job site, your automobiles to the dealership, and your damaged collateral to our secure storage facility. No matter what it is, or where it’s going – Emerald Towing has your back.

Spill Response

Our spill response unit carries four separate fuel pump systems that will safely transfer diesel fuel or gasoline from a ruptured tank to our containment drums. Our pumps operate on air compressed power or electrical, depending on the product to transfer.

Emerald offers a full array of towing and recovery services.

Light, Medium and Ultra Heavy Duty Towing
Flatbed and Lowboy Transportation
Incident Management Services
Vehicle and Cargo Recovery
Spill Response
Abandon Unit Securement

Air Cushion Recovery

Air Cushion Recovery is the most technologically advanced way to upright a loaded tractor trailer, by using a cushion of air. Large rubber bags are placed strategically under the casualty, air is pumped in and it is lifted gently back to an upright position.