Training & Certification

Here at Emerald Transportation, we take training and certification very seriously. All of our drivers are encouraged to expand their knowledge of the towing industry and trade through online classes, state certified programs and nationally recognized towing courses. Below are just a few of the many certifications our associates hold.

  • 1

    TRAA Level 1 Light and Medium Duty Tow Truck Driver Certification – Miller Industries Rotators School for Heavy Duty Rotator Training

  • 2

    NATA Light and Medium Duty Wrecker Operators Certification

  • 3

    Advanced Recovery Techniques, Thomas Luciano Programs for Ultra-Heavy Duty Recovery

  • 4

    I-95 Corridor Coalition Incident Management Training

  • 5

    Florida Turnpike STARR Towing Program Wrecker Operator Safety and Operations

  • 6

    National Safety Council HAZWOPER Certification

  • 7

    National Safety Council MOT(Movement of traffic) Certifications

  • 8

    Safety Systems Emergency Response Schools Tank Truck Recovery

  • 9

    Safety Systems Emergency Response Schools Hazmat Command

  • 10

    Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida Ultra-Heavy Duty Training Program

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