Our History

The roots of Emerald Transportation Inc. can be tracked back to the mid century - before computers, GPS navigation, and tow trucks with CD players. President and Founder James J. Jennings began his career in towing and recovery while servicing the United States Air Force as the Chief Line Mechanic for the B-29 Bomber fleet. After retiring from the Air Force, Mr. Jennings opened a Shell Service Station in a little known town called - Boca Raton. Soon after, Mr. Jennings purchased his first tow truck, and formed Jennings Towing and Recovery Service - known today as Emerald Transportation Inc. In the 1970s, Mr. Jennings' son, Jim, joined the company. Over the past 40 plus years these two have not only expanded the company's reach, expertise and size - but also it's reputation in the towing industry.

Today Emerald Transportation is the standard in South Florida for vehicle recovery and heavy duty towing. With a fleet of over 40 strong – Emerald is also one of the largest towing companies in the state of Florida. Coupled with their size and 50 years experience – Emerald Towing is known for it’s longevity as well as it’s cutting edge approach to towing. Jim is not only a regular at conferences such as TRAA Legislative & Leadership Conference, but also has assisted in the adoption and formation of towing standards in South Florida. He is looked to by the Palm Beach County Towing Advisory Group for guidance in advancing towing standards across the industry. These traits, coupled with their size and almost 50 years experience – have garnered such high level partnerships with organizations such as the City of Pompano Beach.

We do things safe, and we do things right. - Jim Jennings

The Jennings Family, as well as the Emerald Transportation team stride for a reputation that prides itself on safety and professionalism. This is why for over 40 years - they have been THE choice for towing and recovery.


Jim's career in the towing industry began in 1973. His vast knowledge of this trade is a direct result of his determination to be the best in the industry. Jim oversees training facilitation, personell hiring, over 50 full time employees, and the operation of all three Emerald branches. In addition, Jim personally handles all of Emerald's clients - from big to small.


Over the years Mr. Jennings has continued to refine and evolve himself as well as his business. His experience in the towing industry is unmatched. He is an expert in heavy duty towing, air cushion recovery, towing route logistics and more. In fact, in 1994 he was tapped as a consultant for the Air Cushion Recovery Aircraft Division. He spent February of that year in Bogota, Colombia training members of the Colombian Air Force on how to effectively recover both military and civilian aircrafts. Although Emerald Transportation is primarily operated by Jim Jennings, Mr. Jennings still assists with the day-to-day operations at the company's headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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